Vultr新增第25个数据中心 印度孟买机房数据中心


出于这些原因以及更多原因,我们很高兴地宣布在孟买推出我们的第一个印度云数据中心位置。今天,在孟买,您可以选择由第三代 AMD EPYC™ 处理器提供支持的全新优化云计算实例,或由英特尔至强 CPU 提供支持的云计算实例。

孟买标志着 Vultr 在全球的第 25 个位置,也是我们在亚洲的第四个位置。我们最新的云数据中心位置是我们使命取得进展的又一指标:让高性能云计算易于使用、价格合理且可供全球企业和开发人员在本地访问。

Subhash Choudhary 是 Dukaan 的创始人,Dukaan 是一个印度平台,商家可以通过智能手机建立电子商务网站。以下是他对 Vultr 登陆印度的评价:

“令人难以置信的是,Vultr 在印度开设了一个地点。我们已经将 Vultr 用于我们在世界各地的边缘站点。在我们的祖国印度设有数据中心,我们将把更多的工作负载转移到 Vultr。性价比、易于启动按需裸机服务器以及一流的 BGP 支持使 Vultr 成为完美的选择。”

开发人员可以注册试用 Vultr,并在 60 秒内部署实例。有兴趣讨论更大的云迁移的企业可以联系 Vultr 销售人员进行免费咨询。

Vultr 的合作伙伴计划为云经销商、托管服务提供商 (MSP) 和技术创新者提供行业最佳激励。印度境内有兴趣加入我们的合作伙伴计划的企业应申请安排与我们印度团队的对话。


A cradle of civilization, India has contributed immensely towards every aspect of our life, including science, technology, sports, and art. Today, India is home to an impressive number of developers, startups, global enterprises, and small and medium-sized businesses with big ambitions. India is also the country with the second largest number of internet users in the world!

For these reasons and many more, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our first Indian cloud data center location, in Mumbai. Today, for Mumbai, you can select our new Optimized Cloud Compute instances powered by 3rd Generation AMD EPYC™ processors, or our Cloud Compute instances powered by Intel Xeon CPUs.

Mumbai marks Vultr’s 25th global location, and our fourth in Asia. Our latest cloud data center location is yet another indicator of progress on our mission: to make high-performance cloud computing easy to use, affordable, and locally accessible for businesses and developers around the world.

Subhash Choudhary is the founder of Dukaan, an India-based platform enabling merchants to set up e-commerce sites from their smartphone. Here’s what he had to say about Vultr landing in India:

“It’s incredibly exciting that Vultr has opened a location in India. We already use Vultr for our edge locations across the world. With a data center location in India, our home country, we will be shifting a lot more workloads over to Vultr. The price-to-performance ratio, ease of spinning up on-demand bare metal servers, and first class BGP support makes Vultr a perfect choice.”

Developers can sign up to try Vultr and deploy an instance in under 60 seconds. Businesses interested in discussing larger cloud migrations can contact Vultr sales for a free consultation.

Vultr’s Partner Program provides industry-best incentives for cloud resellers, managed service providers (MSPs), and technology innovators. Businesses within India that are interested in joining our partner program should apply to arrange a conversation with our India-based team.


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